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Increase productivity and yield with expert support
The qualified agronomists of Agroconsult Buynov will consult you on the spot about the productivity of the crops. We come, study the situation and decide on the exact variety according to the season. We carefully select the right hybrids for planting material, fertilizers and biostimulants, because we know that when it is difficult to start, strong yields are an aid on the spot. Agroconsult Buynov Your agricultural pharmacy



MEDIUM, very malleable. High yields. Firm when folded and with excellent shelf life.

An early variety, suitable for both open areas and greenhouses. The fleshy part is pale yellow with a very fine taste and almost without seeds.


7.14 €

It is applied from the flowering stages, pouring the fruit to full maturity.

Very tasty cabbage, great for marinating and fresh salads. Robust, loaded head weighing up to 2.5 kg.

Why choose us?

Extensive experience and correctness

Why choose agricultural pharmacy Agroconsult Buynov We offer truly healthy agriculture with development that depends on you and with fertile potential at your feet. We understand the root of the problem and solve it: Agricultural producers in Bulgaria are under pressure from many countries. Like in a vise. Price pressure, bad weather, difficult deliveries. Agriculture is a labor-intensive activity, investment in agricultural machinery is high, and support in the sector is insufficient - especially for small farmers.

In this situation, instead of support schemes, collateral solutions are needed: Agroconsult Buynov helps to insure your production throughout the development process. We have natural fuel for farmers so that they do not rely on aid and alms, but proudly develop the wealth they already have.

We plant productivity for sustainable development: You are independent of aid and subsidies when wealth comes naturally from your capital. We offer you the seed of success. Agroconsult Buynov selects for you the right hybrid seeds of each variety. From us you can buy the right seedlings, seeds, fertilizers, biostimulants. Those from which more and better product will be born. A product whose value we will help you preserve with the right care in order to realize the maximum of its potential. This way you will produce enough to be competitive and you will achieve higher prices to make a happy profit. This is true productivity in production.

New products

chosen for you

Selective, systemic, vegetative herbicide against annual and perennial wheat weeds.

Active substance: cyantraniliprole 200 g/l. An innovative insecticide used in open and closed areas.

Altakor® 35 VG is an anthraniline diamide insecticide that acts by contact and by the stomach of enemies.

Delan Pro®

85.17 €

Delan® Pro is a fungicide with protective and curative action against fungal diseases. It has a curative effect when used up to 48 hours after infection.



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