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1 l

Adengo is a herbicide against annual and annual dicotyledonous plants in maize. The active ingredient thiencarbazone-methyl belongs to the group of ALS inhibitors and blocks the synthesis of branched chain amino acids. The active ingredient isoxaflutol from the group of tricetones inhibits the biosynthesis of carotenoids and thus leads to lightening of the leaves. The active ingredients are absorbed through both the soil and the leaves.

There is an absolute ban on the use of plant protection products (according to § 12, para. 2, items 1 and 2 PflSchG) on paved pavements (such as sidewalks, alleys, terraces, paths and squares ...), on other surfaces not used for agriculture, forestry or horticulture (seams on paths, pastures, fields and forests, coast) and in and directly on surface waters.

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