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10 l

  • Architect® is a 3-component optimizer of the physiology and growth of sunflower plants, providing also fungicidal protection against diseases.
  • Architect® provides champion plant establishment, higher yields and quality of production, more stable results under drought and stress, less losses and less plant residues in the field, higher profitability.
  • Active substances: mepiquat-chloride, prohexadione-calcium and pyraclostrobin.
  • Аpplication: 120 ml/ha Architect® + 45-60 g/ha Turbo (Ammonium sulfate).
  • Working solution: 10-40 l/ha.
  • The product can be mixed with most foliar fertilizers used in practice, but before use it is recommended to do a compatibility test.
  • It is not desirable to use Architect® in combination with herbicides, as well as foliar fertilizers containing Ca.
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