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Lebosol® - Calcium Forte СК


  • Calcium - Fote CK liquid top for acidic, sandy or light soils - EO-TOP, is a solution of a mixture of nutrients from manganese with manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn), zinc.
  • Calcium is poorly present in acidic, sandy or light soils (leaching), acidic topsoils and in dry soil. In case of high content of nitrogen or potassium in the fruit or in case of large fruits, calcium deficiency often occurs.
  • Calcium deficiency is expressed through burning of the leaves on the leaves, curled leaves, introduced points of vegetation, reduced fruit hardness and fruit.
  • LeBol®-Calcium-Fote is a special calcium formulation with manganese, zinc and Aminozole.
  • Aminozole improves calcium intake, manganese strengthens the green basic color, zinc plays an important role in the metabolism of substances in aikcini.
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