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Cucumbers BOMBER F1


100 seeds

  • We offer Bomber to manufacturers who: produce on virus-infected areas; search for a reliable hybrid with high tolerance to powdery mildew, want production with high quality standards; search for a hybrid with good adaptation to unfavorable growing conditions (saline soils, cold). It is suitable for spring and summer, allowing it to be seen in any type of equipment. The strong root system and the rows of leaves keep the plant strong, which allows a long period of harvest and a rapid transition to fruiting. Fruit length: 29 - 31 cm Planting scheme: 1500 - 1700 plants per decare.
  • Stability: Leaf Mold (Cca) Scabies (Ccu) Powdery mildew (Px) Yellow mosaic (CVYV) Green Mosaic (CGMMV) Record (GC) Plain Cucumber Mosaic (CMV) Yellow mosaic (vein) (CYSDV)
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