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Cucumbers MAKEDON


100 seeds


  • Macedonian F1 is a cucumber for early production in greenhouses.
  • Suitable for growing in autumn, winter and spring.
  • The plants are powerful, with an open habit.
  • The leaves are dark green and medium-sized, the variety has an excellent affinity for rootstocks.
  • Easily adapts to growing conditions.
  • It is suitable for growing both in soil and hydroponics.
  • The fruits are 32-35 cm long, ribbed and dark green.
  • Cucumbers are characterized by excellent taste.
  • The fruits are durable for storage and transport, which helps to preserve their excellent commercial appearance.
  • Stability: Leaf spots (Cca) Scabies (Ccu) Viral jaundice (CVYV) Viral jaundice (CYSDV) Cucumber mosaic (CMV) Powdery mildew (Gc) Powdery mildew (Px)
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