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Delan® 700 WG


1 kg

Delan 700 WG is an organic contact fungicide with protective action against fungal diseases. Inhibits the emergence of spores, inhibits a number of enzymes and stops the respiration of fungal pathogen cells.

Use: Delan 700 WG is treated prophylactically in the presence of conditions for infection.

Against excoriosis on the vine spraying is carried out in the following phenophases:

  • Early spring before the development of buds;
  • In the "green peak" phase of the buds;
  • In the "butterfly" phase;
  • The fourth and subsequent treatments coincide with mana sprays.

Treatments against mold on the vine begin according to the instructions of the forecast points and continue every 8-14 days. Against apple scab, spraying begins at signals at the prognosis points in certain areas before the onset of the disease and lasts 8-14 days.

Against early brown rot on the peach is treated as follows:

  • I spraying - before flowering;
  • II spraying - during flowering;
  • III spraying - after flowering.

Against apricot gnome - the first spraying is done during flowering, and the next 2-3 sprays every 10-14 days. Against white rust on cherries - first spraying during flowering, and the next 2-3 sprays every 10-14 days. Consumption of working solution: 40 -100 l / dca.

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