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Ferrostrene Premium Chelated iron

  • Ferrostrene Premium Chelated Iron (Fe) are water-soluble granules without dust.
  • Contains water-soluble iron (Fe) 6%, EDDHA chelated iron (Fe) 5% Contains at least 5% iron (Fe) as Fe-EDDHA ORTHO-ORTHO chelated fraction is stable at pH 3.5 to 10.
  • Ferrostrene Premium is a corrector of iron for calcareous soils in all crops (fruit trees, citrus trees, vines, vegetables, ornamental plants, strawberries, etc.).
  • It is recommended for use in prevention or from the onset of symptoms of deficiency.
  • It is applied directly to the soil, dissolved in water.
  • It can also be applied through all types of irrigation systems.
  • After application it is necessary to make abundant watering and rinsing of irrigation systems.

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