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Gherkin SV 4097 CV


  • Generative hybrid with strong vitality.
  • The hybrid is excellent for fresh consumption, but also for short-term fermentation.
  • High tolerance to low and high temperatures.
  • The plants have an open habit, have a good balance between vegetative and generative growth.
  • They are characterized by short internodes, raised dark green leaves and a strong root system.
  • Suitable hybrid for growing mineral and organic substrates.
  • The fruits are shaped, flattened, cylindrical and retain a good ratio between length and diameter.
  • Fruits with dark green skin, white and medium-sized warts.
  • The average length of the fruit is 10-13 cm.
  • The hybrid produces better quality than market standards.
  • The fruits retain good quality after picking.
  • Stability: Ccu, CMV, Px.
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