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  • GORFRUT® is formulated on the basis of NK fertilizer enriched with amino acids to increase fruit size. It also contains chelated calcium EDTA.
  • GORFRUT® activates the assimilation of nitrogen and promotes the natural division of the plant, especially in critical moments of stress.
  • GORFRUT® increases crop yields by increasing production volume and quality.
  • GORFRUT® is recommended for all types of crops; vegetables, strawberries, fruit, vines, flowers and ornamentals, etc. can be imported through leaf drip or any irrigation system as well as for hydroponics
  • DOSAGE: LEAF FERTILIZATION - VEGETABLES STRAWBERRIES AND DECORATIVE is imported in 120-180 ml / dca in 40 l of water during the whole cycle.
  • FRUIT AND VINEYARDS: 2-3 applications of 150-210 ml / dca in 40 l of water during the whole cycle.
  • It can be imported alone or with VEGETAMIN® or other biostimulants and NPK of JISA.
  • Drip irrigation - From 300-500 ml / dka at each application, depending on the climatic conditions and the current state of the crop at the time of application.
  • Imported together with FULVIN provokes positive synergy with the plant.
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