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Microgranular fertilizer GREENSTART

  • Microgranular fertilizer ensures fast and successful start of crops by accelerating germination and increasing the nutrient area of ​​the root through a powerful growth of root hairs.
  • Contains PHYSIO + patent. Suitable for corn and sunflower during sowing.
  • Its specificity lies in the method of application, namely it is imported directly into the seed bed, together with the seeds, without any risk of burns.
  • Quick start of the seeds, without the risk of losing the ammonium form of nitrogen. Good root growth, without P / Zn antagonism.
  • Provides digestible phosphorus for plants in addition to zinc.
  • Good development of the root system, thanks to the Physio + patent.
  • Location close to the seeds for immediate availability of the elements and unimpeded root absorption, protecting the environment.

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