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1000 seeds

  • Pepper, type "gate".
  • It develops an extremely powerful plant with an open habit, suitable for growing outdoors and in cultivation facilities.
  • Flattened, two-chambered fruits with a length of 16-18 cm and a width of 6-8 cm at the base, average weight 140 g.
  • Green to deep red when ripe. Long post-harvest durability.
  • * to tobacco mosaic viruses (ToMV) and bronze (TSWV).
  • The characteristic of the hybrid is the strong root system and the non-shredding of the fruits on the upper floors, regardless of their number.
  • Extremely concentrated red fruiting.
  • From the second half of August to the end of September, three harvests achieved a very high yield.
  • About 60% of this yield is realized with the first harvest, and the amount is approximately equal to the final yield of other hybrids and varieties on the market.
  • Recommended density - 5,500 plants per decare.
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