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1000 seeds

  • Conventa is a hybrid designed for open field production. There are early and high yields.
  • The plant is well leafy and compact. It does well under stressful conditions.
  • The fruits of this pepper have a conical shape, which is very well accepted by the market.
  • The color of the fruit changes from light green to deep red.
  • Fruit length: 18-20 cm, width: about 5-7 cm.
  • The fruits retain their high quality until the end of the season.
  • Practice shows that the Convention is one of the earliest gates on the market.
  • Plastic hybrid that covers both directions of the market - in green for the fresh market and in red for processing.
  • The fruits are much heavier than the fruits of other hybrids in this segment.
  • The high yield potential of the hybrid makes it easy to grow and without the need to further adjust fertilizer rates.
  • The strong root and powerful habitus of the Convent hybrid easily provide the initial "green" harvests, which allow the plant itself to "get rid" of the large fruit and thus increase the average yield.
  • The hybrid grows better in open and ventilated fields.

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