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PREV-GOLD® is a universal insecticide, fungicide and acaricide - all in one, based on a mixture of natural cold pressed orange oil 60g / l, which acts on many types of pests and diseases that usually require different control products.

PREV-GOLD® is a contact product with a physical mode of action that dries the cuticles of insects such as whiteflies, thrips, lice and mites, as well as cell walls or the phospholipid layer of fungal diseases. This is due to the lipophilic properties of orange oil, which has the ability to penetrate and destroy the protective layers of insects and external mycelium and sporangia of fungi, causing high mortality in pests and significantly reducing the development of pathogens.

The product does NOT cause resistance and is not phytotoxic! PREV-GOLD® is ideal for application in integrated production and integrated pest management (IPM) programs focused on reducing chemical residues on edible crops. It has little effect on beneficial organisms, short or no intervals before harvest and re-treatment.

There are no residues in the production, which makes it an ideal choice for treatments just before harvest. It also does not require special storage conditions, is easy to use and has an immediate knock-down effect!

PREV-GOLD® provides "cross-protection" for your crops!

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