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Profiler 71.1 VG


  • Profiler 71.1 VG is a fungicide guaranteeing a new, higher level of protection against vine blight.
  • The action of Profiler 71.1 VG depends on the degree of coverage of the plant parts that need to be protected.
  • Do not mix with preparations containing nitrogen, copper and dicofol.
  • Profiler 71.1 VG contains two active substances - fosetyl aluminum, which provides complete systemic protection and long after-effects, and fluopicolide - contributing to rapid penetration and healing action.
  • Both active substances are characterized by very high mobility inside the plant, which helps to prevent the new growth between two sprays.
  • The most suitable time for application is before, during and after flowering, when there is the greatest risk of affecting the product part, and thus to compromise the yield and quality.
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