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Qrop® complex Top K

25 kg

Qrop® complex Top K (12-6-24 + 3CaO + 2MgO + TE) is a granular fertilizer based on Potassium Nitrate, which is suitable for the production of vegetables and fruits. NPK 12-6-24 + 3CaO + 2MgO + ME. High content of Potassium Nitrate with an optimal ratio of N: K2O in a ratio of 1: 2 (the ratio is suitable for the generative stage, flowering and fruit growth). Balanced NO3 ratio 75% / NH4 25% of 3: 1 for rapid nitrogen uptake and promoting synergistic uptake of Ca, K and Mg.Contains phosphorus (P) essential substance for all stages of development. Phosphorus is especially important for root development and flowering. Rapid dissolution in moist soil = rapid effect on the crop. Virtually chloride-free, which reduces the potential for salinity stress for young plants or chloride-sensitive crops. Contains B, Ca, Mg, Mn, S and Zn for optimal yield and quality.

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