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Qrop® complex

25 kg

Qrop® complex (12-10-18 + 2MgO) is suitable for outdoor vegetable and fruit production. Balanced NO3 / NH4 ratio for rapid nitrogen uptake and promotion, synergistic uptake of Ca, K and Mg. Optimal N / K2O ratio (universal ratio for the generative stage, flowering and fruit growth). High content of potassium nitrate. Significant phosphorus content to maintain the energy level of plants under stress conditions. Essential substance for all stages of development. Phosphorus is especially important for root development and flowering.Contains Sulfur (S) and Magnesium (MgO) to ensure maximum growth and development of the crop. Rapid dissolution in moist soil = rapid effect on the crop. Virtually chloride-free, which reduces the potential for salinity stress for young plants or chloride-sensitive crops.

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