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Ridomil Gold® Combi 45 WG


  • Active substance: 48.5 g / kg Metalaxyl-M + 400 g / kg Folpet
  • Ridomil Gold® Combi is a combined fungicide against manna in the vine with systemic, translaminar and contact action.
  • The systemic substance Metalaxyl-M, which is absorbed very quickly in the plant, is distributed to every point in the plant body and protects the new growth and contact substance Folpet, which in addition to its full contact action has strong lipophilic properties and shows a strong affinity for waxy substances. in the cuticle.
  • Despite its pronounced eradicating effect, our recommendation is to always apply the fungicide preventively and to avoid eradicating treatments.
  • The phase of application of Ridomil Gold® Combi coincides with the beginning of the development of the vegetation, when the conditions for the development of manna are present and continues until the phase of fruit formation.
  • Ridomil Gold Combi protects the new growth.
  • Maximum protection up to 14 days depending on the infection.
  • Lightning absorption and effect 30 minutes after treatment.
  • It has an eradicating effect up to 72 hours after infection.
  • Permitted for use in vineyards - Mana Plasmopara viticola in a dose of 200 g / dca in the phase from the beginning of the vegetation to the formation of the grains, car. term 28 days
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