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500 seeds

  • One of the newest varieties of tomatoes of Enza Zaden, selected especially for the Bulgarian market.
  • Pink fruits - with the typical rich color of "rural" tomatoes of our grandmothers.
  • These are tomatoes with a size of 220 - 250 grams, oval flat, fleshy and dense.
  • They do not crack.
  • They have excellent taste with a loose structure of "meat".
  • Their vegetative growth is vigorous and the plant is moderately leafy.
  • It is characterized by quite good early maturity.
  • High wound and total yield.
  • Suitable for growing for both short and long harvests (up to 8 bunches), mainly in cultivation facilities.


  • Mosaic (ToMV)
  • Tomato apex necrotic virus (ToANV)
  • Leaf mold (Ff)
  • Gray leaf spots (Ss)
  • Alternaria alternata f.sp. lycopersici (Aal)
  • Verticillium (Va)
  • Vertical wilting (Vd)
  • Fusarium wilt (Fol)
  • Bronze (TSWV)
  • Yellow leaf curl (TYLCV)
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