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  • New hybrid variety of pink tomato by Enza Zaden, semi-determinant (self-closing on the 4th - 5th wrist).
  • Quickly and together pour the wrists with large tomatoes 250 to 350 g.
  • The fruits have a superb color and taste of homemade pink tomatoes.
  • They do not crack, they do not form a cob.
  • For growing outdoors and indoors with or without construction.
  • For fast and high yield up to 3950 plants / decare.
  • Suitable for both early and medium early and late production schemes.
  • A balanced diet is a prerequisite for achieving optimal yields.
  • Easy to grow by both professional growers and home gardeners!
  • Stability: HE: ToANV / Va: 0 / Vd: 0 / Fol: 0.1 SU: Ss / Ma / Mi / Mj
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