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5 gr

  • ROZAMAX is indeterminate (stake), medium early to late tomato variety.
  • It is a direct variety, with a very pleasant pink color.
  • It is suitable for growing both outdoors and in polyethylene greenhouses.
  • It is intended for fresh consumption.
  • The plants are very powerful, well-leaved, with a thick stem and medium-long internodes.
  • The inflorescences are simple to intermediate.
  • The fruits before ripening have a green ring, which disappears when ripe.
  • They are pink in color, flat-round, slightly ribbed around the handle.
  • ROZAMAX tomatoes are medium firm, fleshy and have excellent taste.
  • They are very large, with an average weight of 350-550 grams and more grams.
  • In 1 gram there are about 350-400 pcs. seeds.
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