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ULV attachment for back motor sprayer


An attachment that easily and economically turns an ordinary spinal motor sprayer into a cold aerosol generator (UVV generator). A high-speed disk is connected to a turbine, which is driven by the air flow of the sprayer. He cuts the solution into microscopic drops. A replaceable nozzle of a certain size accurately dispenses the solution flow. Requirements for the dorsal motor sprinkler: - diameter of the air tube - 59-62 mm - air flow rate - min. 600 m3 / h


  • Droplet diameter VMD <30 µm; 
  • Flow rate of the solution - 1-6 l / h; 
  • Turbine speed> 20,000 rpm;
  • Dosing nozzles with sizes 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7 mm;
  • Processing productivity for mosquitoes - 5-120 decares / hour.
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