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Watermelon BEDOUIN


200 seeds


  • Bedouin F1 early maturing hybrid type Tiger from Bejo.
  • About 60 days comes the technical maturity and the ability to start harvesting due to the fact that the hybrid reaches an actual weight of 5-6 kg.
  • The fruits have a good appearance, oval shape, attractive light green rind with narrow stripes.
  • The flesh is crispy red with small seeds and excellent taste.
  • The sugar content in the fruit can reach 13.8 units.
  • At biological maturity (80 days) the potential of the hybrid is 8-10 kg.
  • The plant is powerful, well developed, quickly adapts to growing conditions.
  • Its taste is very sweet (meat contains 11-12% sugar), juicy.
  • The hybrid has high transportability.
  • Well tolerates thickened sowing.
  • The potential yield during a mass harvest can be up to 60 tons.
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