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  • Wetcit is an adjuvant that contains a combination of natural patellar extracts and biodegradable moisturizing agents.
  • Wetcit, as an adjuvant, effectively reduces the surface voltage of the water.
  • This implies the responsibility and distribution of the work on the surface of the workplace.
  • It approves the distribution, watering and protection during the purchase of a very accessible place (densely lined, with waxed and glued).
  • The technology of action of the components of Wetcit resembles the nocturnal effect of pesticides through Tranchlomem technology and technology.
  • Wetcit optimizes the efficiency of contact and systemic preparations, does not lead to a decrease in photosynthesis and does not affect the pH of the solution.
  • Adjuvant Wetzit prevents clogging of the tanks, nozzles and other equipment and control systems.
  • If a hepbicide has been used in the past, it is recommended to leave it on a peeled plant full of Wetcit solution for a day and then the system is used.
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