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Zorvec™ Vinabel™


1 l

  • Vinabel™ is a fungicidal combination with combined systemic and local-systemic action, giving safe, reliable and long-lasting control of downy mildew on vines even at the highest background of infection.
  • The active substance Zorvek™, which is the first of a new class of fungicides with an unparalleled effect against common mange.
  • Zorvek™ Vinabel™ provides exceptional protection of foliage and new growth for better development and health of vines.
  • Zorvek™ Vinabel™ is rapidly absorbed on and in the waxy layer, as well as in the interior (parenchymal tissue) and does not wash off 20 minutes after treatment.

Registrations of ZORVEK VINABEL for Bulgaria:

Culture Harm Dose More information
Vine Mana 50 ml/ha Wine and dessert varieties:

Imported in phase a BBCH 15-79 (five leaves open - most grains harvested, cluster closed). Number of min/max applications – 2.

Interval between applications min/max – 10 days.

Water l/ha min/max - 30-100 l/ha.

To use the amount of a total of 17 g a.v./ha (including 2.0 g/ha oxathiapiproline + 15 g/ha zoxamide), regardless of the volume of the working solution.

28 days
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