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1000 seeds


  • Cordelia are a hybrid of zucchini from Syngenta's latest selection.
  • Designed for both polyethylene and outdoor production.
  • Suitable for growing in spring and autumn.
  • The plant is characterized by very good fruit set, upright and open habit.
  • The hybrid is very resistant to viruses and stress.
  • It is characterized by strong plasticity to growing conditions.
  • Stands out with high and concentrated yield.
  • The fruits of the hybrid are cylindrical, 15-17 cm long. and deep green color.
  • They have a distinctive commercial appearance, after detachment they retain their fresh appearance.
  • An important feature is that the fruits have less deformation, their quality is preserved throughout the growing season.
  • They are evenly spaced from top to bottom.
  • Stability: Powdery mildew (Gc, Px) Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) Watermelon Mosaic (MWV) Zucchini Mosaic (ZYMV)
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