Reliable and compact hand-held cold (ULV) aerosol generator powered by an electric motor. Extended hose for convenient directing of the jet.

Reliable and compact hand-held hot aerosol generator. Specially designed for indoor use.

The classic reliable hot aerosol generator, preferred for manual operation.

Powerful hot aerosol generator, preferred for large-scale outdoor treatments.

Power - 13 hp; Tank for the solution - 60 l; Fuel tank - 6 liters;

High quality UVV cold aerosol generator with compact design. Made entirely of premium materials such as stainless steel, brass, viton and Teflon.

Compact cold aerosol generator running on standard 220 V AC power supply.

Universal cold aerosol generator operating on a standard 220V power supply.

It is an effective thermal barrier and protects plants from early winter and late spring frosts.

Attractant for honey bees, bombs and megahills.

Safety in operation is ensured by the double protection against water drops: both the housing and the hydrophobic filter paper successfully protect the user during use.

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