Fertilizers and biostimulants

Fertilizers and biostimulators Buynov

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AGRIFIT FINAL is a liquid fertilizer for foliar application containing organic substances. Agrifit Final suppresses and destroys the development of EGGS, LARVES AND POPPIES


10.2 €

Amalgerol is organic biostimulant who contains only natural products and serve as grow accelerator of the plants, including the root system.


188.7 €

ASTELIS 1 is a new generation biostimulator for application on cereals from TIMAK AGRO BULGARIA.

Atonic stimulates the development of natural processes in the patency, which accelerates the process of recovery after half an hour, increases the degree of recovery.

B&B Flow-Fine is a fully balanced fertilizer that can be used as a supplement to a conventional fertilizer program or as a completely replacement.

NUTRIJISA® Calcium - Boron is a formula enriched with calcium and boron ethanolamine to improve the uptake of both nutrients by the plant.

It is an innovative organo-mineral NPK fertilizer with the presence of Calcium, Sulfur and trace elements (Boron, Zinc and Iron), suitable for vegetables, fruit trees and vineyards, etc.

Duofertil 11-10-16 provides a quick start, optimal rooting and long-term plant nutrition.


7.65 €

ERGON is an exclusive formulation with a biocatalytic function from the group of physiological activators.

Eurofertil 36

53.55 €

Neutral fertilizer. The high content of potassium makes it indispensable in the nutrition of crops and provides high quality products.

Ferrostrene Premium Chelated Iron (Fe) are water-soluble granules without dust.

Root biostimulator, suitable for perennials, fresh vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.

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