178.5 €

ASTELIS 1 is a new generation biostimulator for application on cereals from TIMAK AGRO BULGARIA.

Atonic Super

21.93 €

Atonic stimulates the development of natural processes in the patency, which accelerates the process of recovery after half an hour, increases the degree of recovery.

B&B Flow-Fine is a fully balanced fertilizer that can be used as a supplement to a conventional fertilizer program or as a completely replacement.

NUTRIJISA® Calcium - Boron is a formula enriched with calcium and boron ethanolamine to improve the uptake of both nutrients by the plant.

It is an innovative organo-mineral NPK fertilizer with the presence of Calcium, Sulfur and trace elements (Boron, Zinc and Iron), suitable for vegetables, fruit trees and vineyards, etc.

Duofertil 11-10-16 provides a quick start, optimal rooting and long-term plant nutrition.


7.65 €

ERGON is an exclusive formulation with a biocatalytic function from the group of physiological activators.

Eurofertil 36

53.55 €

Neutral fertilizer. The high content of potassium makes it indispensable in the nutrition of crops and provides high quality products.

Ferrostrene Premium Chelated Iron (Fe) are water-soluble granules without dust.

Root biostimulator, suitable for perennials, fresh vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.


16.83 €

Root biostimulator with systemic action, for drip irrigation.

Decreases the aging of chloroplasts. Improves soil nutrition.

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