NUTRIJISA® Calcium - Boron is a formula enriched with calcium and boron ethanolamine to improve the uptake of both nutrients by the plant.

FULVIN® 40-22 is a special formula of organic substances, humic and fulvinic substances, NPK, micro elements and proteins of plant origin.


16.32 €

GLYBET [GLYBET®] is a high quality product rich in glycine betaine, potassium and other organic substances, molasses extract and beet pulp residues.


16.83 €

GORFRUT® is formulated on the basis of NK fertilizer enriched with amino acids to increase fruit size. It also contains chelated calcium EDTA.

HUMILIG® 25 PLUS is a formula of liquid humus extract of highly moistened lignites (Leonardites).

JISAQUEL® POTASSIUM is specially designed for ripening and ripening, increases the caliber, improves the color and organoleptic qualities of the fruit.


7.65 €

Libamin Mix is ​​a liquid formula based on amino acids, NPK, chelated trace elements, organic substances with natural polysaccharides for bio-stimulation of the root system.

Liquid mixture of trace elements: B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo and Zn 


16.32 €

Special product for fattening and ripening with rapid absorption by the plant.

VEGETAMIN® 24 is a product with a high concentration of amino acids (24% w / v) and hydrolysis of plant origin.

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