Qrop® complex (12-10-18 + 2MgO) is suitable for outdoor vegetable and fruit production. Balanced NO3 / NH4 ratio for rapid nitrogen uptake and promotion, synergistic uptake of Ca, K and Mg.

Qrop® complex Top K (12-6-24 + 3CaO + 2MgO + TE) is a granular fertilizer based on Potassium Nitrate, which is suitable for the production of vegetables and fruits.

Qrop®KpuS is granular potassium nitrate High ratio K2O N Rapid dissolution in moist soil = rapid effect on the crop Virtually chloride-free, which reduces the potential for salinity stress for young plants or chloride-sensitive crops.

Speedfol® High K SP (13.5-5-35 + 3MgO + TE) contains elevated levels of Potassium (K), which is a key element for high product quality and maximum yield.

Speedfol® High N SP (28-8-14 + 2MgO + TE) is an excellent source of fast absorbing nitrogen (N) through foliar application.

Ultrasol K Plus Acid contains potassium nitrate, the fastest and most fully digestible source of potassium (K) and nitrogen (N)

This is an effective and high quality product in accordance with the requirements of the crops for which it is intended.

Ultrasol® Calcium is an important source of both calcium and nitrate nitrogen, essential in fertilization programs in both soil and hydroponic systems.

Ultrasol® Cucumber (17-7-21 + 3MgO + TE) is a specially developed formula for crops of the genus Cucurbitaceae such as cucumber, melon, zucchini and others.

Ultrasol® Growth (22-9-9 + TE) is a formula developed for phenological stages with high nitrogen demand during early growth and development with rapid leaf growth.

Recommended for acid-loving plants such as camellia, mountain laurel, azaleas, rhododendrons or blueberries.

Ultrasol® Initial is applied during the first weeks of the vegetative cycle, where plants need the most phosphate.

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