188.7 €

ASTELIS 1 is a new generation biostimulator for application on cereals from TIMAK AGRO BULGARIA.

Duofertil 11-10-16 provides a quick start, optimal rooting and long-term plant nutrition.

Eurofertil 36

53.55 €

Neutral fertilizer. The high content of potassium makes it indispensable in the nutrition of crops and provides high quality products.

Root biostimulator, suitable for perennials, fresh vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants.


18.36 €

Root biostimulator with systemic action, for drip irrigation.

Decreases the aging of chloroplasts. Improves soil nutrition.

Normal rooting and development of the root system. Increasing cold resistance.

Suitable for industrial crops, fresh vegetables, legumes and perennials. Improves pollination and fertilization of crops.

Recommended for cereals, fodder crops and fresh vegetables.

Increasing the oil content of the seeds. Improve fertilization and pollination.

Improves the resistance of plants to stress, increases the sugar content of fruits and promotes the formation of high quality products.


100.98 €

Stimulates metabolic processes in seeds and accelerates germination.

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