It is an innovative organo-mineral NPK fertilizer with the presence of Calcium, Sulfur and trace elements (Boron, Zinc and Iron), suitable for vegetables, fruit trees and vineyards, etc.

Duofertil 11-10-16 provides a quick start, optimal rooting and long-term plant nutrition.

Eurofertil 36

53.55 €

Neutral fertilizer. The high content of potassium makes it indispensable in the nutrition of crops and provides high quality products.

Microgranular fertilizer ensures fast and successful start of crops by accelerating germination and increasing the nutrient area of ​​the root through a powerful growth of root hairs.

Nitrophoska special 12 + 12 + 17 + 2 MgO + 20 SO3 is a complex granular mixture with low chlorine content with potassium sulfate, magnesium and trace elements, designed to protect all crops, especially sensitive to chlorine.

Our best seller is an organic fertilizer made from 100% chicken manure.

A solution for acidic soils that supports and stimulates seed germination and calcium absorption from the soil.

Qrop® complex (12-10-18 + 2MgO) is suitable for outdoor vegetable and fruit production. Balanced NO3 / NH4 ratio for rapid nitrogen uptake and promotion, synergistic uptake of Ca, K and Mg.

Qrop® complex Top K (12-6-24 + 3CaO + 2MgO + TE) is a granular fertilizer based on Potassium Nitrate, which is suitable for the production of vegetables and fruits.

Qrop®KpuS is granular potassium nitrate High ratio K2O N Rapid dissolution in moist soil = rapid effect on the crop Virtually chloride-free, which reduces the potential for salinity stress for young plants or chloride-sensitive crops.

Sulfammo 25 NPRO is an innovative formulation developed to feed plants with nitrogen according to their real needs.

Timac 42

38.25 €

Supports the development of a strong root system for optimal nutrition during the growing season.

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