18.36 €

Root biostimulator with systemic action, for drip irrigation.

Decreases the aging of chloroplasts. Improves soil nutrition.

Normal rooting and development of the root system. Increasing cold resistance.

The result of the use of Lactofol in the pen is the use of copper.


7.65 €

Libamin Mix is ​​a liquid formula based on amino acids, NPK, chelated trace elements, organic substances with natural polysaccharides for bio-stimulation of the root system.

Ruter AA

45.9 €

It is used for foliar application, or in soil application with the irrigation system, or by incorporation into plant substrates.


12.75 €

Very rich rooting of many useful substances to stimulate the rapid growth of roots such as amino acids, saccharides, vitamins, macro and micronutrients, extracts of algae and plant extracts and more.

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