ACTELIK 50 EC broad-spectrum insecticide to control storage pests. It has a contact, gastric effect and has a strong fumigating effect.

DICARZOLE 10 SP is an insecticide with strong contact and gastric activity against pests.

Nim Azal Т/S

28.05 €

Nim Azal T/S is a systemic insecticide with penetrating action. Do not alternate Nim Azal T/S with another insecticide and active substance.


30.6 €

PREV-GOLD® provides "cross-protection" for your crops!


13.26 €

Requiem® Prime is a contact insecticide/acaricide that breaks down the cuticle on contact and thus disrupts the mobility and respiratory functions of enemies.


2.55 €

Local-systemic acaricide, insecticide with contact and gastric action

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