ACTELIK 50 EC broad-spectrum insecticide to control storage pests. It has a contact, gastric effect and has a strong fumigating effect.

AGRIFIT FINAL is a liquid fertilizer for foliar application containing organic substances. Agrifit Final suppresses and destroys the development of EGGS, LARVES AND POPPIES

DICARZOLE 10 SP is an insecticide with strong contact and gastric activity against pests.

Nim Azal Т/S

28.05 €

Nim Azal T/S is a systemic insecticide with penetrating action. Do not alternate Nim Azal T/S with another insecticide and active substance.


28.05 €

PREV-GOLD® provides "cross-protection" for your crops!


13.26 €

Requiem® Prime is a contact insecticide/acaricide that breaks down the cuticle on contact and thus disrupts the mobility and respiratory functions of enemies.


2.55 €

Local-systemic acaricide, insecticide with contact and gastric action

Danitron 5 SC is an acaricide with strong contact and gastric activity against mites.

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