Aktlet F

24.48 €

Fungicide with a combined systemic and contact action for the control of blight on the vine.

Fungicide with systemic action to combat Cuban mange on cucumbers. Active substance: aluminum fosetyl 800 g / kg

Amalin FLO

80.07 €

Combined contact fungicide with a protective action against downy mildew on vines.

Amistar Prime

1335.69 €

Cost-effective and safe protection against economically important diseases, suitable for first treatment of cereal crops.


91.8 €

Ampexio is a combination of two topical systemic products, which explains its stronger translaminar action.


317.22 €

Architect® is a 3-component optimizer of the physiology and growth of sunflower plants, providing also fungicidal protection against diseases.

Armetil C

5.1 €

The product contains metalaxyl, which has a systemic effect, penetrates the plant very quickly (30 minutes) and provides good protection even if it rains soon after application.

Askra XPRO

316.2 €

ASKRA EXPRO is a systemic, vegetative, three-component fungicide containing fluopyram, bixafen and prothioconazole.


21.42 €

AVALON® is a systemic fungicide with translaminar action. Powerful protection against damage to the quality of fruits and vegetables from gray rot (botrytis).


268.26 €

Contact fungicide against downy mildew, scab, Alternaria, brown spot and gray rot.


5.1 €

Bellis is an extremely effective fungicide against storage diseases and powdery mildew in apples and pears.

Bordeaux Mix 20 VP is a fungicide with an innovative formulation of the traditional mixture of copper sulfate and lime, which contains 20% copper.

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