ACTELIK 50 EC broad-spectrum insecticide to control storage pests. It has a contact, gastric effect and has a strong fumigating effect.


167.79 €

Adengo is a herbicide against annual and annual dicotyledonous plants in maize.


31.62 €

Selective, systemic, vegetative herbicide for control of self-seeding of cereals, annual and perennial cereal weeds.


3.06 €

The preparation is moisture resistant and is especially effective in wet weather, when snails are most active.

AGRIFIT FINAL is a liquid fertilizer for foliar application containing organic substances. Agrifit Final suppresses and destroys the development of EGGS, LARVES AND POPPIES


94.35 €

AGROXON is a foliar, selective, systemic, hormone-like herbicide.


4.08 €

This preparation has an asphyxiating (suffocating) effect on insects and egg production of mites.

Aktlet F

22.95 €

Fungicide with a combined systemic and contact action for the control of blight on the vine.

Fungicide with systemic action to combat Cuban mange on cucumbers. Active substance: aluminum fosetyl 800 g / kg

Altakor® 35 VG is an anthraniline diamide insecticide that acts by contact and by the stomach of enemies.

Alverde 240 SK is a new selective insecticide with a quick initial knockdown effect and long action after spraying.

Amalin FLO

92.31 €

Combined contact fungicide with a protective action against downy mildew on vines.

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