Fungicide with systemic action to combat Cuban mange on cucumbers. Active substance: aluminum fosetyl 800 g / kg

CHORUS 50 WG is a systemic anilinopyrimidine fungicide with protective and curative action against brown rot and scab.

COLOMBO 0.8 MG is a non-systemic pipette-based insecticide with contact and stomach action to control body worms and popcorn over the body.  

Combined fungicide with contact, protective, local-systemic, curative and antisporulant action to combat common blight in vines and vegetables.

Active substance: 550 g / kg metiram + 50 g / kg pyraclostrobin. Formulation: water-dispersible granulate.

NISORAN 10 VP has a high biological activity against the eggs, larvae and nymphs of the mites of the order Tetranicidae - red fruit, yellow vine and cobweb-forming.


32.13 €

Contact, protective, healing and eradicating action. Stimulates the photosynthetic effect of green leaves and improve plant nutrition.

Switch 62.5 BG is a combined fungicide with non-cytemic and cytemic preventive and curative effects against live.


4.59 €

It has a clear effect on all stages of the development of aphids.

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