94.35 €

AGROXON is a foliar, selective, systemic, hormone-like herbicide.

Amalin FLO

92.31 €

Combined contact fungicide with a protective action against downy mildew on vines.

Champion WP

3.06 €

Champion VP is a contact copper fungicide with protective action. Falling on the leaves destroys the spores of the pathogen.

Dicopur F

8.16 €

DIKOPUR F/ is a selective, foliar herbicide with systemic action, against broadleaf weeds in corn, wheat and barley.

Kideka Pro SC

113.22 €

Broad-spectrum broad-spectrum herbicide for control of broadleaf and wheat weeds in maize.


Optica Trio

Optica Trio

258.06 €

Optika Trio is a foliar, systemic, selective hormone-like herbicide designed to control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.

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