Click Combi

94.86 €

Selective, systemic, soil and vegetation herbicide against annual and perennial broadleaf and some cereal weeds.

Dimbo 480 SL

101.49 €

Selective vegetation herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in maize.

Ergon WG

28.05 €

Ergon VG Selective systemic herbicide for cereal crops with foliar and soil action against annual broad-leaved weeds.

Lontrel 72 SG

183.6 €

Vegetative, systemic, anti-broadleaf herbicide for a large number of crops.

Maza 4SL

164.22 €

MAZA 4 SL is a vegetative systemic herbicide from the group of imidazolinones. Controls annual broadleaf and wheat weeds in sunflower.

 Mocpilan is a systemic insecticide with a long-lasting effect. In order to achieve the full effect of the product, the carpet must carefully comply with the climatic conditions and the stages of the development of the enemies.

Nishin 4 OD

63.24 €

NISHIN 4 OD is a selective corn herbicide registered for control of annual wheat weeds, rhizome balur and some broadleaf weeds.

NISORAN 10 VP has a high biological activity against the eggs, larvae and nymphs of the mites of the order Tetranicidae - red fruit, yellow vine and cobweb-forming.

Osorno 480 SC

390.15 €

This product is specially formulated to deal with the most stubborn broadleaf weeds in corn.




148.92 €

Herbicide for the control of annual rye and broadleaf weeds in a wide spectrum of crops.

Selective, systemic, soil and vegetation herbicide for the control of cereals and some annual broadleaf weeds.

Non-systemic pyrethroid insecticide with contact and stomach action.

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