Broccolini type. Powerful plant that gives a very large number of lateral branches.

Open habitat plant. Very fast variety with 60 days vegetation! Very beautiful, large head weighing: 0.8-1.0 kg

Perfectly balanced plant. Vegetation 95 -100 days.

A standard for late cabbage. It is grown mainly for autumn harvest but also withstands summer heat.

The earliest possible variety from Clause Planting February - March Vegetation 55 days in greenhouses and 60 days under outdoor agril

Medium early hybrid. Very high yield of heavy, dense cabbages. Suitable for storage. Vegetation - 80-85 days

New selection for autumn cabbage. Medium-early hybrid with vegetation 95-100 days. Round head weighing 3.0-3.5 kg.

Early variety with very good durability of storage and transport. Hard fruits suitable for processing and fresh consumption. Very high yielding.

Frisco is a very early hybrid 60-65 days canned tomato from Clause. Its main purpose is for processing. Also suitable for fresh consumption.

They are characterized by very high yield, uniformity, deep orange color and excellent taste of the roots.

Medium early variety of Clause. Vegetation 110 days from germination. For summer and autumn cultivation.

A very early variety of Clause. Vegetation 80 days from germination. For early spring and late autumn cultivation.

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