Medium wounded weighing 2 kg. and very productive. Round shape with sweet meat.

High yielding red onion hybrid on a short day. Use: fresh consumption Very resistant to shooting.


312.12 €

Hybrid variety on the long day with dark bronze color of the scales, medium late with very good shelf life (up to 6-8 months).


369.75 €

Hybrid of the long day, with dark red color of the scales, medium early and suitable for long storage.

Very early hybrid onion on the short day with bronze flakes. Very resistant to shooting.


272.85 €

Wintering white early hybrid onion. Sustainable shooting hybrid.

Onions KIMI

77.52 €

Kimi F1 onion is a medium early hybrid of onion with feathers from the Italian seed company Cora Seeds.


226.95 €

Lamika F1 is a late hybrid. The vegetation period is 120-125 days.

Reflex F1 is a hybrid of medium early winter onions. The bulbs are round, medium in size with golden scales and high density.

High-yielding, medium-early hybrid garlic on a long day. The ripening period lasts about 112-118 days from germination.

SPANION F1 is a hybrid for spring or summer sowing and sowing in the spring-summer period or in the fall.

Fruits: salad tomato of large size 160-180 g, deep red color, high content of pulp, high hardness and durability;

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