Pepper DALA

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Excellent taste - sweet with a thin zip! High productivity Type: sivria, sweet, conical Suitable planting period from February to July.

The suitable period for sowing the seeds is from March to mid-June. This type of kamba is favorable for intensive cultivation, both outdoors and indoors - with unheated greenhouses.

Suitable for growing in polyethylene greenhouses and outdoors. The reddening of the capia occurs evenly and microcracks do not appear on the fruit.

Capitani is an early pepper that can be sown from the beginning of February to July. Allows hydroponic cultivation, both in polyethylene greenhouses and outdoors.

Леонидас е много пластичен при различни условия на отглеждане.

Early hybrid, sweet, conical. Suitable for growing in heated greenhouses, unheated polyethylene greenhouses and outdoors.

For outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. An early, suitable period for sowing is from March to June.

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