An early, low-stemmed variety suitable for early and late production. For fresh market and processing.

An early, cold-resistant variety, suitable for late autumn (pre-winter) and early spring sowing.


3.57 €

This bean variety is compact and low-stemmed. Suitable for growing as a first and second crop.

The variety is without liko (threads), without stakes - low. The peppers are yellow, fleshy, round and long.

Vegetation period 80-90 days after transplanting. Forms medium-large, slightly flattened heads weighing 3-3.5 kg.

High-yielding, hybrid variety. Standard Natski type with upright, strong leaves, Alternaria tolerant.

Unpretentious, easy-to-grow long-fruited hybrid, suitable for spring-summer production.

A classic type of hybrid, suitable for year-round greenhouse production. Powerful, healthy, highly adaptable plants with an open habit, with abundant fruiting throughout the growing season.

An early hybrid with a classic shape and variegated fruit color, suitable for spring-summer greenhouse and field production.

An early, classic hybrid type suitable for greenhouse and field production.

Onions ARBO

9.69 €

Long day variety with round head, average weight about 220 g. Attractive purple-red husk dense, sweet, iridescent from lighter to darker pink-violet interior.

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