High yielding, very early hybrid. Vegetation period 50-60 days.

Determinant (bush-like) variety, Romano type. Suitable for early and late Polish production. The beans are flat, green with no threads.

New, early hybrid super sweet corn, with a growing season of 59-67 days. The plants reach a height of 150-160 cm.

High yielding sweet corn hybrid. Vegetation period 80-85 days.

NEW early, high-yielding hybrid of super sweet corn. Vegetation period 70-75 days.

NEW hybrid super sweet corn. Vegetation period 77-80 days.

Early hybrid super sweet corn. Vegetation period 65-70 days. The plants are 180-200 cm high.

Large-fruited, medium-early, indeterminate hybrid tomato, beef type. Suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors.

Large-fruited, medium-early, indeterminate hybrid tomato. Suitable for growing in both glass and polyethylene greenhouses.

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