It has a round root with an excellent internal color, without white rings.

Round-shaped tuber, of high quality, especially smooth skin and intense coloring. Suitable for both the fresh market and for processing.

Fast growing, round, with strong roots. Dark red color, best internal quality, healthy greenery.

A fast-growing hybrid with a smooth and round root with a beautiful red color and long and healthy leaves that are not sensitive to Cercosporosis.

It has round thick heads. The stem of the head is long, the structure of the plant is strong. Suitable for fresh consumption.

A new variety that quickly established itself on the market. The plant is erect and vital with very friendly development.

Medium early variety with about 70 days of vegetation. A living plant with high heads that are dense and heavy.

Ancoma F1 refers to white hybrid green varieties with medium late ripening.

This new hybrid, recommended for spring and early summer planting, has a growing season of 60-75 days.

Early cabbage with vegetation 65-70 days after transplanting. Rounded and dense head, weighing 2.5 to 4.0 kg, depending on planting density.

Thanks to its waxy, healthy leaves and its tolerance to high temperatures, the variety forms heads even in summer.

Cabbage JETMA

23.46 €

The earliest variety from our range with a growing season of 50-55 days. Forms quickly heads weighing 0.8 - 1.5 kg.

leaf image