Ancoma F1 refers to white hybrid green varieties with medium late ripening.

Variety suitable for early production. Suitable for the fresh market.

This variety of Chinese cabbage has a good, soft, sweet taste. Available as organic seeds.

This new hybrid, recommended for spring and early summer planting, has a growing season of 60-75 days.

This variety is an exceptional, high quality, easy to grow dual purpose variety. As a box cabbage, Botran fills good boxes and RPCs with attractive, well-wrapped round heads.

A standard for late cabbage. It is grown mainly for autumn harvest but also withstands summer heat.

Medium early hybrid, suitable for medium early and late production. Vegetation period 80-85 days.

Cape Horn F1 is the world's first hybrid hybrid cabbage and is the marketing standard for this type of cabbage.



Well-established, very popular variety. Very attractive, smooth conical shape, producing uniform, attractive heads.

Hybrid with intensive growth, with high ecological plasticity. Forms medium to large, round, slightly flattened heads, with a short inner stem and thin (fine) leaves with a special green color.

Cabbage to grow all year round. The hybrid reaches maturity 75 days after transplanting.

Early cabbage with vegetation 65-70 days after transplanting. Rounded and dense head, weighing 2.5 to 4.0 kg, depending on planting density.

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