Ancoma F1 refers to white hybrid green varieties with medium late ripening.

Variety suitable for early production. Suitable for the fresh market.

This variety of Chinese cabbage has a good, soft, sweet taste. Available as organic seeds.

This new hybrid, recommended for spring and early summer planting, has a growing season of 60-75 days.

A standard for late cabbage. It is grown mainly for autumn harvest but also withstands summer heat.

Medium early hybrid, suitable for medium early and late production. Vegetation period 80-85 days.

Cape Horn F1 is the world's first hybrid hybrid cabbage and is the marketing standard for this type of cabbage.



Well-established, very popular variety. Very attractive, smooth conical shape, producing uniform, attractive heads.

Hybrid with intensive growth, with high ecological plasticity. Forms medium to large, round, slightly flattened heads, with a short inner stem and thin (fine) leaves with a special green color.

Cabbage to grow all year round. The hybrid reaches maturity 75 days after transplanting.

Early cabbage with vegetation 65-70 days after transplanting. Rounded and dense head, weighing 2.5 to 4.0 kg, depending on planting density.

The latest variety of cabbage from the selection of Beyo in the category of early and medium-early production.

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