This variety of Chinese cabbage has a good, soft, sweet taste. Available as organic seeds.

This variety is an exceptional, high quality, easy to grow dual purpose variety. As a box cabbage, Botran fills good boxes and RPCs with attractive, well-wrapped round heads.



Well-established, very popular variety. Very attractive, smooth conical shape, producing uniform, attractive heads.

Hybrid with intensive growth, with high ecological plasticity. Forms medium to large, round, slightly flattened heads, with a short inner stem and thin (fine) leaves with a special green color.

The latest variety of cabbage from the selection of Beyo in the category of early and medium-early production.

New hybrid suitable for summer and autumn production. Round to slightly flattened head shape with moderately dense internal structure and fresh green color.

Hybrid with fast and compact growth, designed for both early and summer - autumn production.

Very early hybrid with a stable stem, medium height, which ensures high stability of the plant.

Very early variety of Chinese cabbage with flowering resistance. Forms compact and dense heads with light green color.

Megaton F1 is a very vital hybrid of white cabbage, a selection of "Bejo Zaden" suitable for summer and autumn harvest and designed for processing and fresh consumption.

Savoy cabbage seeds Melissa F1 (Melissa F1) from the Dutch seed company "Bejo Zaden" A wonderful hybrid of Savoy cabbage with a ripening period of 80 days.

Cabbage OMERO

22.44 €

Omero F1 is a very early hybrid of red headed cabbage, a selection of "Bejo Zaden", intended for fresh consumption, suitable for very early harvest and harvest throughout the season.

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