Cape Horn F1 is the world's first hybrid hybrid cabbage and is the marketing standard for this type of cabbage.

The only hybrid with unlimited growth left in Sakata's leaves, ie. grows as long as climatic conditions allow, without cracking or rotting.

Cabbage ELIZA

10.71 €

Super early hybrid, suitable for spring production outdoors and indoors. Vegetation is 42-52 days after transplanting.

A new hybrid for late production, which has passed two years of testing under our conditions.

Large-fruited, high-yielding hybrid, suitable for medium early and late production with market orientation, both fresh and sour.

Cabbage HAIPU

21.42 €

Haipu F1 is an excellent choice for summer and late autumn production. Forms medium-sized, completely round heads weighing 3 kg. for 75-85 days after transplanting.

Marlu F1 is Sakata's newest hybrid, selected on the basis of Tenascity, but significantly more balanced in terms of sowing and head size.

Forms completely round heads with an average weight of about 2.5-3.0 kg, attractive green color and excellent commercial appearance.

Natsuki F1 is extremely suitable for mini production of Chinese cabbage weighing from 200 g to 1 kg, depending on the density of crops.

Large-fruited early hybrid. Vegetation period 47 - 57 after transplanting.

Mid-early hybrid with vegetation 80-85 days after transplanting. Suitable for summer and early autumn production.

Suitable hybrid red cabbage for medium early and late production. Vegetation period 63 - 73 days after transplanting.

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