Eldoret is here to succeed the Sarmalin already known to growers with improvements in yield to quality ratio. The plant has a growing season of 75-80 days.

Escazu is one of the most crack-resistant hybrids. It is suitable for medium early and late production, for fresh market and processing.

Greenland is cold-resistant and undemanding to growing conditions, with guaranteed yields even in harsher climates.

Intello F1 is suitable for early, medium early and late production. Intel has a loose internal structure and excellent taste, which predisposes it to good sales, both in the fresh market and for processing.


Cabbage KEVIN

Cabbage KEVIN

32.39 €

Kevin F1 is a cabbage designed for early production under tunnels and outdoors. The plant has erect leaves, which allows for higher density.

The average duration of vegetation is 115-120 days. Forms a loose head with thin leaves and delicate ribs.

Cabbage LAUDA

33.15 €

The perfect hybrid for early head cabbage production! Lauda is the new hybrid spring cabbage, which is characterized by its exceptional speed 45-50 days after transplanting.

Pructor F1 is the hybrid with the most flexible growing period: for early, medium early and late production. Vegetation period 70-80 days.



The hybrid is specially produced for the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Sarmalin F1 is intended mainly for the production of sauerkraut and sauerkraut, but also for the fresh market.

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